Karyn + Scott {Married}

Karyn + Scott {Married}

When Karyn and Scott first sat down with me they described  a very small intimate setting with just the people that truly meant the most to them. They also said “Were not picture people and would love to just have candid moments.” So fast forward months to their wedding day.  Their house was the perfect setting for their intimate gathering.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a big giant wedding…but this, this was amazing. 40 of their closest gathered on their back patio for their ceremony. My favorite part being that it was sunny and RAINING, and not a single person even noticed the rain. Scott just wrapped his arms around Karyn, pulled her in tight and said their vows. Then it was time for a few photos in the front yard of the new Mr. and Mrs! Keeping in mind they were wanting more candid photos, they were the prefect couple for this. It was easy for them to wrap their arms around each other and just be in love. Laughing, kissing…a few butt grabs which lead to more laughing. Then the evening was filled with dinner, the band was so good the cops got called,  a lantern release and ended the night with a sparkler send off.

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The Bend Salon

Wedding Cordinator:
Keby Enloe – Occasions by Keby

McArthur’s Bakery

McArthur’s Bakery

My Friend Mike

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